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Designlab Frankfurt

In the two-day workshops, teams of six people constituted of citizens, scientists and artists develop so-called “prototypes”, which develop sustainable solution for the city of Frankfurt. Those designlabs are part of a new workshop’s format, which explore the connection between art and science in the resolution of complex problem of sustainability. This research and development is led by Dr. Nicola Schuldt-Baumgart responsible of the scientific communication department of the ISOE-Institut für sozial- ökologische Forschung and Bernard Vienat director of art-werk.

Those first Design Labs were organized as part of the accompanying program of the exhibition “There Will Come Soft Rains” in Basis-Frankfurt and coached by experts from the HPI School of Design Thinking. Since the exhibition designed a dystopian future for the year 2318, in which the earth has become hardly habitable for the human species, the Design Labs aimed to find solutions for the present to prevent such an apocalyptic scenario.

Topics of the previous Designlabs:

“Multi-optionally mobile” (06.-07.03.2018 )
“Ways out of the world of plastics” (09.-10.03.2018)
“For more quality of stay in our cities” (11.-12.04.2018)
“Consuming together” (13.-14.04.2018)


Beobachtungphase in Frankfurt Bahnhofviertel




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