There Will Come Soft Rains

April 5th, 2018 § Comments Off on There Will Come Soft Rains

For modern man, experiencing certain scenarios often turns out to be an effective way of opening up new perspectives on ourselves and the world around us. Bearing this in mind, the exhibition There Will Come Soft Rains tests a particular experiential context by initiating a fictitious journey through time. To this end, a group of international artists remove themselves to the year 2318, where they find themselves in a new kind of world, one without the human species.

Taking this fictitious leap in time as their starting point, artists Marcela Armas, Carolina Caycedo, Julian Charrière, Andreas Greiner & Tyler Friedman, Jeronimo Voss and Pinar Yoldas are invited to investigate the characteristics of a non-human world through a range of newly conceived installations, videos and objects. The exhibition also includes a separate projection room featuring filmic works by Hicham Berrada, Galina Leonova, Uriel Orlow, Mario Pfeifer and Superflex. The program of films looks, in an associative way, at the dystopic potential of the present day inherent in current developments in the fields of ecology, society and politics. The presented films explore possible reasons behind a future disappearance of humankind.

Uriel Orlow, Remnants of the future

Uriel Orlow, Remnants of the Future, 2010, Installation view basis 2018, Photo: Günther Dächert


Superflex -Flooded McDonald's

SUPERFLEX, Flooded McDonald’s, 2009, film still, HD video, colour, sound, 21:00 min., copyright the artists


Andreas Greiner and Tyler Friedman, The Molecular Ordering of Things

Andreas Greiner & Tyler Friedman, The Molecular Ordering Of Computational Plants, 2018, Installation view basis 2018, Photo: Nathalie Zimmermann


Marcela Armas, TSINAMEKUTA

Marcela Armas, TSINAMEKUTA, 2018, Installation view basis 2018, Photo: Frithjof Kjer

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The Real Kiss: Art and Architecture: An Ongoing Dialogue

February 9th, 2017 § 0 comments

However long or short, however socially constrained or erotically desiring, a kiss is the coming together of two similar but not identical surfaces, surfaces that soften, flex, and deform when in contact, a performance of temporary singularities, a union of bedazzling convergence and identification during which separation is inconceivable yet inevitable.

Silvia Lavin

Il-Jin Atem Choi (DE), Yara Feghali (FR), Viviane Komati (LE), Miriam Kuhlman (DE), Ivan Murzin (RU), Rebecca Nayagam (MY), Iulia Nistor (RO). curated by Bernard Vienat (CH)

Based on a collaboration between four artists and four architects from the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main the exhibition explores the complementarity of specific interests and skills to design and develop an own understanding of the notion of what an exhibition module could be.

The Real Kiss

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