ÖRJÄT – Festival PLX / Participative Art – performance as game

August 20th, 2018 § 0 comments

August 31 – Sept 1, 2018 / Tjarö Island, Sweden

ART WERK, PLAIN HEARTY FARE and OCTOPOS 018 are happy to announce ÖRJÄT, a 48 hour performance realized with 20 participants. Through a fictional scenario and gaming characters, the participants enter a mindset that allows them to simulate travel through time. This live mind experiment takes place in the frame of the PLX festival on the island of Tjarö in the Blekinge Archipelago, Sweden (UNESCO world heritage site), using the island as a bridge between fictional and physical experience. With the festival on site, the travellers can merge into the vibrant party culture of 2018, as art and music performances provide a live soundtrack to the game.

Based on the principle of an artistic LARP (Live Action Role Play) – a narrative game in which the players pursue their characters’ goals within a fictional setting presented in the real world. The scenario of ÖRJÄT was designed to prompt reflection on the dependency on technology, the potential of a transhumanist future, and the meaning of free will facing the urgency of environmental change. Developed by three American and German artists Becket MWN, Carina Erdmann, and Anna Kindermann, and Swiss curator Bernard Vienat, these questions bring the participants to several negotiations staged in the setting of the island, before the final performance designed as a political meeting on one of the festival stages.

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