Positive copy (Replica)

Philippe Decrauzat
Inkjet on Canson Baryta Prestige 340 gr Production: PRO image service, Paris
Edition VFO, Zürich
60 x 46 cm
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Philippe Decrauzat edition is based on a multi-channel film, which he deconstructs in various media. The tautological process of the film in its media activity is shown in three different formats by Decrauzat: As the first format, he created a series of unique pieces that are developed using the Cibachrome process, which is no longer common (Image 1). The Cibachrome process, a photo-technical process developed in Switzerland, can only be produced by a few people because the paper for it is no longer produced. The special feature of this process is its special colouring, which is unique for every copy of the print. As a second work, Decrauzat produces a C-print of a film-still, which is presented with various passe-partout cut-outs, each one as a unique piece within a series. Finally, you find here a photogram of the film roll is reproduced as another c-print, which represents the meta level of the running images.