Thinking about alternative path making. How to make the complex sensible?

Breaking Patterns

These workshops/masterclasses attempt to decode contemporary artistic strategies and break with classical approaches to the current crisis. After a discussion with curators, the selected artists invite participants to enter into a research process. Each session ends on an emotional note with a mini-concert given by a musician invited by the artist.

Artistic Thinking

The workshops of artistic thinking considers intuition and emotion as productive and an essential accompaniment to a rational approach to contemporary issues. Whether they are internal questions relating to group dynamics or more global questions relating to sustainability, digitization or identity, the method is based on the application of artistic strategies and practices. The decoding of historical and contemporary works of art selected for each workshop leads participants to a process of observation, connection and creation.

Live Action Role Play

In those narrative games the players pursue their characters’ goals within a fictional setting presented in the real world.