Thinking about alternative path making. How to make the complex sensible?

art-werk develops workshops that explore the link between art and science in solving complex socio-environmental problems. Tailored to groups, its free workshops, funded by donations, take as their starting point sustainable development issues related to the objectives of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 and historical and contemporary artworks.

Two types of workshops are offered by art-werk: one based on the principle of a simulation game and the other inspired by the design thinking method and creative techniques. The integration of narrative within the workshops and the application of techniques related to design thinking allow for creative and intellectual stimulation, unity in the group, and the deepening of the feeling of empathy.

The workshops are particularly aimed at socially and environmentally committed young people, citizen initiatives and an audience interested in imagining alternative perspectives for the planet. They develop ways of thinking that aim to go beyond the limits of rationality through creativity, deconstruct preconceptions and open up new perspectives through fiction.

Artistic Thinking

Artistic thinking is a contemplative and experimental form of design thinking. It considers intuition and emotion as productive and an essential accompaniment to a rational approach to contemporary issues. Whether they are internal questions relating to group dynamics or more global questions relating to sustainability, digitization or identity, the method is based on the application of artistic strategies and practices. The decoding of historical and contemporary works of art selected for each workshop leads participants to a process of observation, connection and creation.

Live Action Role Play

In those narrative games the players pursue their characters’ goals within a fictional setting presented in the real world.