Bernard Vienat

Bernard Vienat is an art professional based in Berlin. He studied philosophy and art history at the University of Bern and at the Freie Universität Berlin and in the master’s program for Curatorial Studies at the Städelschule and Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main. His research focuses on interdisciplinary development between art, science and geopolitics. This can be seen in his recent projects and exhibitions such as Futurs incertains at the Musée de géologie de Lausanne and MAP (2019), There Will Come Soft Rains at Basis, Frankfurt am Main (2018), Vorticidad in Mexico City (2016), or the double exhibition Let’s invent a language to narrate my story at Dienstgebäude, Zürich and andata.ritorno, Geneva (2014). He founded art-werk in 2012.

Carina Erdmann

Carina Erdmann is an artist, performer and author studying in Los Angeles, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam. She holds a BA in Audiovisual Media and completed the Honors Program in Art & Research and is currently completing her studies in Fine Arts in Berlin (UDK). Her work focuses on speculative and interactive narration for the simulation of alternative historiography and the staging of parallel perspectives. This has taken shape in video games, roleplays, immersive exhibitions, video and performance. She has worked as a video artist & photographer and as art mediator and teacher in different contexts spanning from the Rwanda YACA in Kigali to the BOROS collection in Berlin. She is also a co-founder of the event-based publication series Plain Hearty Fare.

Nina Kettiger

Nina Kettiger is a Swiss-French artist living and working in Berlin since 2013. Fascinated by the potential of myths and the use of oral tradition as a medium to pass on knowledge, Kettiger uses her interest in fiction narrative as a way to bridge different histories and challenge the idea of cultural heritage. As a mean to share the research behind her work, she hosts of a monthly radio show titled Tales from Beneath, on reboot Fm, 88.4 Berlin.

Philipp Hindahl

Philipp Hindahl lives and works in Berlin. He writes about art and people, and his work is driven by a fascination for lost futures, literature, the internet, pop, and late capitalism. He works for diverse magazines and contributes to catalogues.

Romain Geiser

Romain Geiser studied in Geneva, Olten and Berlin. He has a master's degree in sociology, and he graduated with a CAS in NPO management from the FHNW. He developed a taste for contemporary art during his time in Geneva. Activist and disruptive to the core, he made his first steps in organizing flashmobs and public events in the world of art galleries. He then flew to Asia where he was involved in an elephant conservation project. He joined Amnesty International in 2011, organizing countless campaign projects to defend human rights, setting up an action network for 15-25 year old and organizing several dozen participatory workshops in Switzerland and abroad.