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Musée d'art de Pully
Chemin Davel 2
1009 Pully
Musée cantonal de géologie de Lausanne
Place de la Riponne 6
1014 Lausanne




  • Marcela Armas
  • Carolina Caycedo
  • Julian Charrière
  • Maëlle Cornut
  • Rudy Decelière
  • Mark Dion
  • Chloé Delarue
  • Andreas Greiner
  • Dominique Koch
  • Hunter Longe
  • Basim Magdy
  • Thomas Moor
  • Marie Velardi
  • Shirin Yousefi
  • Quadrature collective


  • Bernard Vienat
  • Olivia Fahmy
  • Victoria Mühlig

One exhibition, two museums!

Marcela Armas - Tsinamekuta
Marcela Armas, Tsinamekuta, 2019, installation view

Climate upheavals, depletion of natural resources, loss of biodiversity: we are daily beset by a flood of information about our near future. The apocalypse seems imminent, but the real issues remain difficult to grasp. What are they really? The end of the planet? The extinction of our species, or, more concretely, the end of a way of life? What are our fears, our beliefs, our possibilities for action? Why do we seem paralyzed and unable to act, individually and collectively?

Dominique Koch - Hoobiont Society
Dominique Koch, Holobiont Society, 2017, installation view

The Musée d'art de Pully and the Musée cantonal de géologie are joining forces for a new exhibition where scientific and artistic approaches enter into dialogue and enrich each other. Far from being opposed, the approaches of the artists and researchers are complementary: the exhibition's route, in both museums, allows an echo between these two spheres of activity. Thus, the visitor alternates between scientific criticism and artistic interpretation, between reason and emotion. Philosophers of Science, evolutionary physicists, geologists, psychiatrists, climatologists and migration flow specialists express themselves and their words resonate with the works and installations of contemporary artists who propose their vision of our world in uncertain futures.

Julian Charrière - Metamorphism
Julian Charrière, Metaphormism, 2016, installation view
Mark Dion-Against Nature a Confectionary Marvel, 2009
Mark Dion, Against Nature: a Confectionary Marvel, 2009 in collaboration with Dana Sherwood glass, stainless steel, plaster, resin and prepared insects

In the name of art-werk a special thank you to:
Berliner Senat
Pro Helvetia - support for curatorial research.