art-werk represented at the Creative Climate Leadership


Innovation and creativity come together in the fight against climate change through the Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) Switzerland program, which will take place from March 3rd to 8th in Morschach.

Creative Climate Leadership brings together 24 Swiss cultural actors and actresses from various fields, ranging from architecture to music, and aims to explore how art and culture can contribute to a sustainable future.

Collage of photographs of participants of the first Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) programme
Participants for Switzerland’s first Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) programme, © Photo: Creative Climate Leadership

We are pleased to announce that the director of our association, Bernard Vienat, will be participating in the Creative Climate Leadership initiative. His involvement will be a great opportunity to share insights from our experiences with other art representatives sensitive to environmental issues. Bernard's participation underscores the importance of collaboration across different domains to explore new methods of transformation in the face of climate challenges.

The program, supported by by Pro Helvetia and Stiftung Mercator Schweiz and developed in collaboration with Julie’s Bicycle and Vert le Futur, highlights the crucial role of arts and culture as drivers of change. It represents an important moment to generate collective reflection and unified action from the cultural sector in response to the climate crisis.

The CCL Switzerland initiative is part of a global context where similar programs are successfully unfolding, notably in the UK and Germany. In the UK, organizations like Julie's Bicycle are pioneering actions by integrating sustainability into artistic and cultural practices. In Germany, initiatives like the "Kulturstiftung des Bundes" support projects emphasizing environmental sustainability in the art world. These examples illustrate the growing recognition of the vital role the cultural sector plays in promoting sustainable practices internationally, positioning Switzerland within a global dynamic of climate engagement.

The Creative Climate Leadership program will create new bridges between actors of the Swiss cultural scene. We are convinced that through exchanges, creation, and dialogue, we can collectively envision a more sustainable future. The art-werk association is excited to be part of this adventure.