Non fungible jungle token

Andreas Greiner / Bernard Vienat
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The NON-FUNGIBLE-JUNGLE-TOKEN project consists of a numbered edition of 999 coins, each of which is unique. The project was launched to enable the trees to be planted as breathing sculptures to accompany every upcoming solo exhibition by Andreas Greiner. The buyers of the NFJT receive the right to finance the upcoming tree planting.
NFJT was designed as a coin and refers to the 50 pfennig DM coin from 1949. The historical coin shows a woman who is planting a tree sprout in the ground. It was minted in honor of the cultured women who replanted the forests in Harz and Lower Saxony after they were cut down to pay off debts to Great Britain after the Second World War. But instead of a woman planting the tree, the NON-FUNGIBLE-JUNGLE-TOKEN depicts the Rover Perservance, which landed on the surface of Mars in 2014, carefully cradling an oak sprout.