37 rue du Stand




  • Jonathan Delachaux
  • Cyril Vandenbeusch
  • Marcel Meury


  • Bernard Vienat

Jonathan Delachaux tells the unexpected story of a Pantagruel's junk food buffet through painting. It seems that Vassili, a fictitious figure of the artist, invited puppets to a strange party. The artist Marcel Meury from Zürich excavated earth from the Place du Cirque park for the exhibition. Next to the pit one can see a sign with the coordinates of the exhibition space andata.ritorno, where visitors can see Topinambur growing in the earth. In addition, his video work Gum was shown on 12 monitors.

Cyril Vandenbeusch from Geneva tests photographic developments whose attentive completion is remarkable. The artist photographed unpredictable moments, unusual food and ready-to-use animals. The Bijoutière, his last performative installation, will make the visitors mouths water. The exhibition Entremets is also an opportunity to celebrate the founding of art-werk. This art association enhances contemporary art and facilitates encounters between the various language regions of Switzerland.